Sheep house construction of goat farm design

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Sheep house construction of goat farm design

Goat farm design should fall in the high and dry, good drainage, sunny place. Sheep pen on the ground more than 20 centimeters of above ground. Building materials should be on the job. The total demand is strong, warm and well ventilated.

The area according to the feeding size of the barn, general each sheep to guarantee 1. 0 to 2. 0 square meters. Each sheep house can't ring a lot of sheep, or a bad management, and increases the chances of infection. Feeding sheep, for the convenience of management, should establish the breeder channel, channel on both sides of the separated by reinforcing bar or wood pole, sheep eating and drinking water, from the rail head eating or drinking water.

Sheep house highly depends on the area of the sheep pen, if it is closed barn, height to consider the area of the sun.

The management of the barn to regularly disinfected. Bred to have larger thermal equipment room, it is best to warm pit.

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Sheep house close to the entrance should be equipped with sports ground, sports ground and should be high and dry terrain, good drainage.

Playground area is visible on the number of sheep, but must dry barn, can ensure the full of sheep.

Want to use walls surrounding the stadium, planted trees around, summer have shade and shelter.

Feeding and drinking water of goat farm design

You can use concrete build by laying bricks or stones on wide below narrow slot, on about 30 cm wide, about 25 cm deep, cement tank is easy to drink, but bad to use, when the winter ice is also not easy cleaning and disinfection, 

you can also adopt the planks feeder, carry, easy to clean and disinfect, but the best choice is sheep with food and sheep water bowls trough, the clean health, modernization. As shown in figure:

Inner corridor to 130 centimeters wide

Playground wall height: 130-160 cm

Each shelter area: 480 * 450 cm

Corresponding to each lap set a surface area of 80 x 80 cm 2 rear window 

Corresponding to each lap set can be used to switch on and off cap

Sheep area: kind of ram, 1.5 to 2.0 m2 / head, just 0.8 1.0 m 2 / head ewes,

Pregnancy or lactation ewes 2.0-2.3 m 2 / head, the young sheep 0.5-0.6 m 2 / head.

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